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Screen Printing

Screen printing is the process of transferring a stenciled design onto a flat surface using a mesh screen, ink, and a squeegee. Fabric and paper are the most commonly screen-printed surfaces, but with specialized inks, it’s also possible to print onto wood, metal, plastic, and even glass.


 By far,  our favorite department at The Very Idea. There is nothing closer to art than creating it! This is the preferred method of decoration for large orders and apparel items. We use silkscreens and ink on an automatic press to custom print your logo on shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and more! We offer plastisol ink, polyester ink, and water-soluble ink.


Embroidery is the art or process of forming decorative designs with hand or machine needlework. A design or decoration is formed by a thread on a soft good item such as a polo or hat. 

This method is great for any number of items requiring decorations! We can do as few as one item. This is an in-house serve allowing a quick production time!


There are only about a million and one options when it comes to signage. The first question we like to ask is are you looking for a temporary sign or a permanent one? That helps eliminate a few options! Additionally, will these signs be interior or exterior? 

The quickest way to understand is by seeing an inspirational photo of what you want. If you don’t have one yet, we have material samples and photos galore to help inspire and get started. We offer post and panel signs, yard signs, director signs, banner signs, banners, flags, illuminated signs, monument signs, multi-tenant signs, and more!

Promotional Products

Any item or product that you give to promote your business is a promotional product. Usually, these products carry the tagline, logo, name, phone number, and website address of the company to give to your clients. 

Simply put, promotional products are products businesses use for promotional purposes. This can theoretically include any type of product. But, the most commonly used promo products are wearables such as clothing and hats, followed by calendars and power banks.


For an outdoor design element and curb appeal consider an awning, canopy, sail shades or custom curtains. Our awnings are customized in-house from scratch! We measure, weld the frames from aluminum square tube, sew Sunbrella fabric, and fabricate entirely in our own warehouse! 

This allows for accurate, customizable and controlled production of premium finished products. Awnings are available in fabric, vinyl, and metal. We also offer hand painted full color logos for a branded touch sure to help attract business and complete the look!

The Very Idea did a phenomenal job on my company polos. I would definitely be back, thanks again!

– Raul Espinosa

The kind folks at The Very Idea really stepped up to the plate! I had been trying for months to have shirts made and only found dead ends; finally someone suggested to me to use The Very Idea. I will be returning to them for shirts in the near future! 

– Pink Turtle Soaps

What an awesome business! They helped me with a logo and business cards. Extremely kind, helpful and accommodating. I would highly recommend them. I worked with Shannon and she is awesome and very respectful!

– Aaron Carrico 

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