What We Do

Outdoor design is a specialty department of ours. In business since 1990, The Very Idea! has been providing awnings, curtains, canopies, dug out covers, windscreens, vomitorium covers and more in Murfreesboro and surrounding areas for over 26 years.

Custom Made

All designs are custom made to your needs. An experienced welder builds every frame in house to exact measurements designed for your home or business. No job is too big or too small for our capabilities and team. Let us bid on your next outdoor design project!

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Sports Teams

We haven't forgotten our favorite sports teams! We've got your fields taken care of with windscreens, vomitoriums and dug out covers. Windscreens are a great way to brand and promote on along a fence line. They also provide a sense of privacy.

Awnings and custom curtains provide great shade and cover from rain and unpredictable Tennessee weather. They offer pleasing aesthetics and design elements to buildings. We offer both fixed and retractable awnings. We offer Sunbrella fabric, standing seam and aluminum awnings.


Let's get started.

For all your outdoor design needs, request a free quote with us today.